Staff Of Anne SivaNageswara Rao & Aruna Kumari ZPH School

“The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior”

School has excellent faculty in all subject areas to provide quality teaching. The faculty is striving hard to keep the results of the school every year. We have a positive focus on co curricular and extracurricular activities.

Day In Campus

19.00AM – 9.45AM Study Hour
29.45AM – 10.00AM Assembly
310.00AM – 10.45AM 1ST PERIOD
410.45AM – 11.30AM 2ND PERIOD
511.30AM – 11.40AM BREAK
611.40AM-12.20PM 3RD PERIOD
81.00PM-1.45PM LUNCH
91.45PM – 2.30PM 5TH PERIOD
102.30PM – 3.15PM 6TH PERIOD
113.15PM – 3.30PM BREAK
123.30PM – 4.15PM 7TH PERIOD
134.15PM – 5.00PM 8TH / GAMES PERIOD

Why Our Staff Best

Great Teaching Skills

They Teach Students Like Father.They Care Students like Mother.

Well Qualified Staff

We believe in Masters can build Masters.Every Student is important for us.So thats why we have only experienced teachers & staff.

Achievements Of Our School

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