Board Members of Anne SivaNageswara Rao & Aruna Kumari ZPH School

“Individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean”

Kanuru High School has an Organizing committee to take care of the resource requirements and advise the staff on improving quality of education and extracurricular activities. The committee coordinates with government agencies in fulfilling administrative requirements towards development of the school.

School Committee

SI.NoNameLast NamePosition
1Sri. Siva nageswararaoAnneconvenor
2Sri. Hemanth KumarMuppavarapu Secretary
3Sri. Umamaheswara raoGutta Treasurer
4Sri. RamakoteswaraRao Mallipeddi Joint Secretary


SI.NoNameLast NamePosition
1Sri. Rama Krishna KishoreAnneMember
2Sri. Janab Lal AhmedMember
3Sri. Subba Rao N.V.Member
4Sri. SeetharamayyaAngirekulaMember

Achievements of Board.Of.Members

Great Teaching Skills

They Teach Students Like Father.They Care Students like Mother.

Well Qualified Staff

We believe in Masters can build Masters.Every Student is important for us.So thats why we have only experienced teachers & staff.

Achievements Of Our School